im koryn

I'm Koryn! I am currently a student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studying Journalism, Advertising + Media Relations. Ivylane Photo co. originally started as a blog + when I quickly developed a love for photography, Ivylane Photo co. was born. Since 2016, I have been capturing moments in people's lives that they hold near + dear to their hearts. As an entrepreneur, I understand the hard work that it takes to create a successful business. I'd like to think of my business as a foundation of tools that I have collected along the way, however I look forward to meeting with new companies to continue to grow both professionally and personally. 

Over the past few years, photography has led me into a variety of opportunities including graphic design projects, social media management and website builds. 

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web designs
kwik trip vlogs | the oxleys band

two of six total videos kwik trip videos 

the oxleys band music video