what to wear to your photo session

this is, no doubt, the question that i see filling my inbox the most. senior pictures are a one time thing and who wouldn't want to look their best? well, I'm here to help. this article will touch base on the do's and the don'ts of what to wear. lets get started!

1. the classic jean and white shirt/sweater. OHHHH yes this is my fav. if I'm not going on a photo shoot and need an outfit in a rush i always pull my favorite pair of denim and white sweater from the shelves of my (overflowing and cluttered) closet. you can never go wrong. its a total classic.

2. accessories. hands down pairing your favorite outfit with a bandana, a necklace, a funky pair of earrings or even a floppy hat will take the photo from drab to fab in a matter of seconds! plus... who doesn't love to layer?

3. makeup yes, we are all tempted at some point in our lives to join the Kardashian family... but senior photos are not the time to experiment with the kiley jenner lip kit. yes dress up if you feel that you should, but don't alter the physical make up of your face to the point where your relatives won't recognize you. ESPECIALLY IF ITS NINTY DEGREES OUT. your. face. will. melt. off.

fix your blemishes + slap on some mascara. be you!

4. no leggings that’s all. Jeans are much more sophisticated and leggings tend to not be flattering towards ones body in photos. I highly advise against wearing leggings or any sort of super trendy outfit that you wouldn't want to show you friends or family in 30 years. 

5. know your good side i will ask. its the 21st century and I'm in my 20's... i understand the power of a selfie. and whether you know it our not, a selfie can tell you a lot about how you like your photos. for example, your good side. i want you to love your photos... basically i'm going to ask you to put your "best face forward"

6. look up senior photos getting your photos taken is kinda like taking a test. if you show up with not clue as to whats going to happen, you're going to end up like a deer in headlights... who also failed their test. pinterest is your friend. look up some poses + locations... and show me! these are Y O U R senior photos and (as i said before) i want you to love them!

7. layer up oh how i love a good layered shoot. throw on a jean jacket, grab your favorite bandana and you're on the way to a F A N T A S T I C photoshoot.

8. don't take shoes for granted. thats all i really have to say.

9. bring an extra outfit sounds weird, but when you get to the photoshoot and you put on an outfit you're not felling, then you won't be as confident when we are taking photos... and that will show in the picture.

10. yes, you can copy other peoples outfits (which are on my gallery) as i said before, pinterest is your friend. look up outfits. plan them ahead of time. text them to your friends. do a fashion show for your mom.

11.either wear nail polish, or don't it looks bad if you have your nails half painted during your senior session... so treat yourself to a mani!


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