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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

so im (technically) a communications student- so i really try to keep my doors open to my clients and their questions. however, being a full-time student, i keep my studies as a priority and rarely will not be able to answer as fast as you may want me to. here are some of the commonly asked questions that i have in my inbox:

1. when do i pay?

i prefer directly after the photo session. cash or check is preferable + i also have a venmo!

2. how long does it take to get the photos?

i normally say it takes a maximum of a month. the likelyhood that you will get your photos in a couple weeks is very high, however i ask that you are lenient with me. Again, I am a full-time student that has her own business, i do also prefer to have a social life as well.

3. what do i wear?

I have a blog for that, check it out!

4. what happens if its gross outside?

we reschedule! I do not save rain dates, however i keep my week days open for anyone that needs to reschedule. I prefer that you reschedule, actually. I would rather you ask if we can switch dates due to weather or illness than have you suffer through the photoshoot and not love your portraits. I W A N T you to love them!

5. what package is best for me?

email me. I take pride in being VERY honest with my clients. i'm a college student, so i completely understand businesses that try to milk a ton of money out of you- and I'm not at all into that. If you tell me what you need i will be completely honest with you in telling you what package i believe would best suit the occasion.

6. what if i can't afford one of your packages? what if one of your packages isn't exactly what i need?

then lets chat. we can make you a specialized package that will fit your needs.

7. can my mom come?

uh duh! i love when moms come as they serve as a great buffer for those moments when you're scared of the camera. plus, then you two will get to take a few portraits together!


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