how to pose

at the beginning of every photo session i start out with "the first five minutes are going to be weird. its normal. if you've never been in front of a professional camera it can be quite scary. consider this a warm up. just smile and i will guide you from there." this is completely true and everyone agrees with me that it takes time not to be afraid of my camera.

what i find to help whenever i go to a photoshoot is to completely engulf myself in pinterest. even as a photographer, this is how i learn new + exciting ways to pose my clients. this blog is to help you feel more comfortable with posing and to have a better understanding as to what you should expect.

1. lets just start with a smile.

this is your warm up. a classic, straight-on head shot.nothing crazy. but still cute.

this is what i like to call "the school picture"

2. a side shot

taking a photo from the side is how you can look slimmer. this pose also allows you to show of your posture. one of the biggest things i do is tell my client to lift up one of their shoulders slightly. this helps make you posture better as well as it aligns your back.

this is a good example of both the side shot and the laughing pose!

3. the laugh

this is where your mom will come in. i could tell you to fake laugh, but in order to get that genuine laugh photo, your mom will probably have to do something embarrassing or funny.

4. sitting

i always giggle for sitting poses because i always start out with the phrase "don't worry I'm going to teach you how to sit." and i do of course.

5. where do my hands go?

this is a good one. one of the things that i look for is making sure people do not have balled-up fists. this makes them look either angry, nervous or like that meme of arther. other than that, i want to make sure that it looks like you actually have hands, as some people tend to hide them. simple things like putting a hand in your pocket or laying your hand flat on your thigh can completely change the image.

one of the other things that i bring up with the hand poses is i always ask if people know what "dance hands are". to me, thats the best way for people to gracefully place their hands on their cheek to get more of a innocent chic look. men can also use their hands for a more masculine pose where they play with their hair.

both masculine + feminine!

6. its leg day!

for women, i always tell them to place one leg further out the the other and then point their toes. this makes their legs look longer and their body a bit taller. i then have them put their hand in their pocket, lay the other one flat on their leg or even pretend to fix their pant by the belt loop. for men, their legs normally stay more separated in a "power stance". of course, both men and women can do either depending on what feel they are going for in the photo session.

a great example of how the power pose looks

7. know what side of your face is your favorite

sounds odd, i know, but we all tend to have our favorite side. make sure to tell me that so that i can pose you to put your best *face* forward.

8. you can look away, just don't be cheesy about it

this may be confusing, but there are different ways that you can look away. one makes it look like those over-edited photos you used to post on Facebook as a middle schooler and the other makes it look more natural. of course, i will help you differentiate the two.

of course, i can't tell all of my secrets, but here are a few to get you started! enjoy taking pictures!


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