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If you were to tell me not even two years ago that I would be running my own successful photography company, I would probably laugh in your face. Why? Because it was only a year ago that I picked up a camera. Yes, I have said that I was established in 2016, however that was when I ran a blog (the ivylane blog). Nonetheless, here I am today. Writing to you about how I have managed to create my own brand and fall in love with the business of smiles. 

How did this happen? Truly, I don't know. I'm still in shock that I got this far. A lot of what I do is me pouring my heart and soul into finding what makes my heart skip a beat when I look at a photo. I do have to give a special shout out to my mom, jennifer. She has pushed me to follow what I love + has gotten me in touch with a lot of the clients that I have to this day. 

Now listen; anyone can start a business.  I guess you can say that I started my first business when I was 7 selling lemonade on my neighborhood corner. However, it takes a certain person to have a S U C C E S S F U L business. Don't believe me? Then you try it. The time and dedication that I have put into my company isn't where it all starts- compassion starts a successful company. Once you find something that you love you are really able to soar with it and create something special. For example, I picked up a camera, watched a T O N of YouTube videos on what all the fancy camera lingo stood for, purchased an editing program,  watched more YouTube videos, bought a new lens, realized some of the things I bought I didn't need, created social media accounts, had fran help me create a logo, produced promotions, networked, got a client list+ the rest is history. So I guess, in short, that's how i did it. (L O L! )

This past year my creative juices have really been flowing. I have taken on so many projects (probably more than I should), which have really taken me outside of my comfort zone and given me a reason to take more naps. I started working with Fran Acciardo and together we have made numerous ads for companies such as Walgreens, Basic Invites co and many more. I got in touch with an old high school friend and we created a self care content as well as a short video featuring some pinterest yoga. I worked with a local market and created content for their website on their pizza night. And in the mean time, I've been keeping up with the grind of my internship as well as maintaining the my fever for adventure. 

It's been a journey, to say the least. But one that I have fallen in love with. I N E V ER in a million years would have expected that I would go from amateur photo shoots about fashion to a professional photography company. So cheers! 


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