all the things you need to know about your photo session

Updated: Jan 30

Of course, if you've never had your photos done before you may have a lot of questions... I'm here to help! My blog has the answers to the majority of the questions that you may have; and if it doesn't, email me!

Where do you take photos?

Delafield, Milwaukee or upon request.

Do you shoot weddings?

I did my first wedding the summer of 2019 and LOVED it! I have not professionally labeled myself as a wedding photographer- but I'd love to chat with you if you're interested in me capturing your big day!

Can I print my photos?

Yes! Printing rights come with the purchase of your package. However, I do not provide a printing service, but I'd be more than happy to make recommendations.

Can I upgrade my package once I have already booked?

Of course! Just let me know that you're planning on booking a larger session.

Can you edit out any blemishes?

I don't normally edit out blemishes. Truth be told, the camera does a lot of that work for me. I you feel the need to purchase the blemish package, its $30 extra.

When will I receive my photos once we have taken them?

I always say between two weeks to a month. If there is a discrepancy between then, I will always let you know, but it hasn't happened yet!

When do I pay?

I prefer directly after the session.

How do I get the photos from you?

Google Drive!

What should I wear?

... I have a blog for that!


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