all my love, cruelty free

my beauty products. all organic. and I'm sharing them with you.

my new years resolution (actually probably before then) was to use cruelty free products. not to brag, but im KILLING it. so here i am, ready to share with you how easy it is to love mama earth and yourself more.

so here's the thing- i saved my favorite product for the sixth point.

first. kristen ess.

my absolute favorite. #sponsormebecauseiloveyou

i have e a s i l y switched over my entire care routine over to kristen ess. my absolute favorite, especially since i have such thin, fine hair is the dry shampoo. honestly, i don't even use it as a dry shampoo, i just use it as a product that gives me k i l l e r volume that is weightless. plus, look how pretty it is. not to mention CRUELTY FREE.

I also love that there is a purple shampoo for us blondies. xo to you kristen ess.

(i would recommend bringing this dry shampoo to photo sessions as it is an easy "pick me up" for your hair)

second. organic tampons.

introducing L.

oh how i wish that i switched over sooner. as much as i love putting harsh chemicals inside my body (lol) immediately when these babies hit target's shelves they were in my cart. and i will never go back.



they have condoms too. ya. you're welcome.

third. honest .

so i stumbled across this product in the baby section when i was looking for a light lotion and i have been in love ever sine with jessica alba's mission.

i mean if they don't put harsh chemicals on babies skin... why would you put them on yours?

btw. best mascara ever. its a primer and then a mascara. best my lashes have ever looked.

fourth. love, beauty and planet.

this is my second favorite hair product brand. it is cheaper than kristen ess as she is a salon based product line, but the products do the same thing for me.

plus they smell a m a z i n g.

deodorant is a must from them. I've gone through plenty of natural deodorant's and im sticking with this bad boy.

fifth. method.

buy. this. now.

100% my favorite body was ever. smells so good i honestly sit in the isle and sniff it.

sixth. essano

this product completely got rid of my acne.

like it's gone.

i can honestly say i get many complements on my skin and i do NOT spend a ton on skin care. my sister suffer(ed) from bad acne then i recommended these products and its gone. again, like gone.

guess what... they have products for your man too. so cheers to him having a smooth face. you're welcome. woo!


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