first off i'd like to say welcome // im glad youre here

lets dive in.

so obviously you're here because you feel like you're missing something in your social media presence. as a social media sorcerous- i'm here to clear up some of the clouds that are preventing you from your full potential with a couple tricks of the trade that i have stumbled upon.

 its time to get down and  dirty


get on social media.

no seriously. not only should you have social media but you need to be 

 actually active 

its called a social media presence - not a get an insta, post a pic of your dog and call it a day.

put your personality out there. post things you actually care about and will intrigue your viewers.


keep it short

+ sweet

im pretty sure anyone 13 and up has read a text book in their life.

 but who actually reads all of it?

not me. sorry mom

in all seriousness- we've been programmed to be efficient and manage our time. readers only remember TWENTY PERCENT of what they read. so make what you're saying important.

so when writing your website. keep it simple. this isn't an essay with a word requirement. make your point. 

billboard  trick

imagine you're driving down the highway and you pass

a billboard. you only have a few seconds to read it because you're a safe driver. make the important information a priority.


keep it simple, sweetie


have your website speak to who you are

as fun as it is to play dress-up, we're not doing that here.

your website is probably going to be the first impression a potential client will have of you. its important to make a good first impression while also giving the reader an idea as to who you are.


be honest 

+ fair

nobody likes a liar.

my biggest goal when starting my business was that i was going to be honest and fair- both to myself and my client. i wanted to make sure the experience my client had was positive and they didn't feel like i was taking advantage of them.


keep it up to date

as time goes on our businesses evolve with the path that we are taking- don't leave your social media and website in the dust. 

update it.


remember to make time for yourself.

in fact, im writing this blog at two a.m. on a tuesday

dont forget about the things that you like to do that help you receive stress. im not much of a runner, but i do enjoy painting and bubble baths. it works for me. 


write it down

i dont have my laptop with me at all times so that i can quick whip it out and write a blog.

i have a life im trying to maintain.

but seriously, if you're anything like me and you have ten thousand things running through your head all at one time it helps to just bring a notebook with you and write your ideas down.


claim your domain

if you think you have something that is golden

take it.

your brand is important

...which brings me to


brand yourself



 find your style and roll with it. 

have that be what comes to mind when people think of your business.


remember to be humble + grateful

this is my biggest tip.

dont forget where you started and how hard you worked to get there.

dont forget the people who supported you.

thank them.

take a look around


 dont be a stranger

is my kind of thing