delafield and milwuakee

if you have a special spot that you would like to take portraits in, please ask

dates + time: 

 weekends and evening

when scheduling photos, look at how many photos come in the package. this will guide you as to which package is best for you. 
if you have questions, i'm always open to chat! 

Q: why are my packages priced the way that they are?
A: You only see a fraction as to what goes into photography. Depending on your package, I will normally take around 1300 photos at our photo session as well as spend around two hours with you perfecting your portraits. What you don't see is the hours of work that I put into editing the photos after we meet. 


Q: is it weird to tip the photographer?

NO! if you think that your photographer did an amazing job, it doesn't hurt to show them. 

in terms of time, i like to get the best possible lighting for my clients. ever heard of golden hour?  well, thats exactly what time i aim around. of course timing will change over the course of the year due to winter being so dark. therefore spring, summer and fall i tend to schedule around 4 and winter around 3. 

RESCHEDULING: it happens. and i'm very open to it. i would rather have you tell me that you're not liking how it looks outside than have me take photos that you're not going to love. i do not schedule rain dates, however i keep my week days open so that i can reschedule there.


  just the basics

yes, yes, i know. when people hear the word contract it is quite scary. but don't worry, i kept mine very simple + friendly. to make you feel better, i've added a copy. 


in any case that one may be disappointed with their photos, i will offer a guaranteed reshoot at the same location as the previous at the soonest that i am available to. however, i will not issue a refund. 

if one misses or cancels within 24 hours of their photo session, a 50% down payment will be issued if they schedule a new photo session. 


schedule asap. spots fill up fast and its best to put a date on the calendar a month or two in advance.


 google drive

i have found the best way to deliver my photos to my clients is through google drive. it provides a simple and easy way for the both of us to be able to view your photos as well as you can have access to them on both your laptop and phone.

I do ask that after you receive your photos that you make a copy of your folder so that you can forever have them. space on my laptop is a valuable thing, and unfortunately i cannot keep everyone's photos. photos will arrive between two to five weeks. please be cautious of this time. 

if you have a gmail, you have a google drive.

take a look around


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