hey you!

its koryn- ready + able to share my story about this "happy accident" that is ivylane photo co.

how did you become a photographer?

so funny story: it was a school project. 

I attended a private, college prepatory school in Hartland, Wisconsin, known as University Lake School. Instead of second semester senior finals, ULS hosts a creative project that is only performed in three other private schools across the U.S. For my final project, I created a blog called My blog + log; where I shared a photo a day for six months following my final semester as a high school student as well as a journal of what i did each day. 

I set a goal to reach two thousand views on my blog by the end of six months, but reached that goal after the first month.

After spending the past six months creatively writing about myself, reaching out to people about how I could make my blog experience more enjoyable, I started adding other topics to my one-a-day journal. I did DIY projects, made vlogs, had an "ask koryn" section and wrote a fashion blog. I would have to say my favorite part of my blog would be the fashion section. I loved dusting off my parents old Nikon and gathering my friends to take photos in our favorite outfits. 

 so i bought a camera

yep. i took a dive into the deep end

and completely engulfed myself in photography. with no experience, a lack of trust towards myself to take my camera off auto and no way of spreading my name- i started ivylane photo co. 

I quickly took to the computer and made myself a website and created as many social media accounts as i could. I started spending hours watching youtube tutorials on how to pose models, where to take photos, the best time to take photos and finally; how to actually use my camera. 

I realized that the best way to learn who I wanted to be as a photographer was to get as much experience under my belt that I possibly could. i started inviting more friends asking them to model for me, posted on social media and watched as my inbox filled with requests.


i may be your photographer if


you enjoy a really good laugh


speed round

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lord huron and mipso

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kristen bell

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